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Providing solutions to help companies address integrity concerns, rising costs, and environmental issues

Addressing the growing industry issues for natural gas distribution utilities

Technology supporting natural gas infrastructure

Our members serve over 70 million natural gas customers

Ensuring a Safe, Resilient, and Sustainable Energy Infrastructure

In a collaborative effort to develop advanced technologies for the natural gas industry, U.S. utilities are combining interests, expertise, and resources into focused R&D projects through Operations Technology Development company (OTD).

OTD is a not-for-profit corporation led by 29 members who serve over 70 million natural gas consumers in the United States, Canada, and France and supply 60% of the households currently using natural gas in those countries.


OTD Technical Reports

See OTD reports on gas delivery and operations that are available to the public.​​​

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Cross Bores: Best Practice and Outreach

Learn more about the industry best practices.

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Research Project Summaries

Learn about results and next steps on the projects.

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Who We Are

From integrity enhancements to efficiency improvements, OTD developments are providing solutions to a wide-range of challenges and changes for natural gas delivery systems. New technology is playing a major and necessary role in helping companies address integrity concerns, rising costs, and environmental issues.

We are a member-controlled partnership of natural gas distribution companies formed to develop, test, and implement new technologies. The objective of OTD is to address a wide range of technology issues relating to gas operations and its infrastructure. Our projects are designed to:

  • Enhance system safety
  • Improve operating efficiencies
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Maintain system reliability and integrity

Since 2003, OTD’s collaboration of industry leaders, scientists, technicians, and manufacturers have been charting a course to address integrity issues and other concerns by identifying industry needs and providing focused R&D responses that benefit the natural gas industry and its customers.


The scope of the OTD program includes mid- to near-term technology developments.

Market Impact

These selected products represent the results of OTD efforts.


Collaborative natural gas programs benefit utilities and their customers.

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