Cross Bores - Best Practices and Outreach Program

The OTD cross bore best practice and outreach program is raising awareness and streamlining the implementation of cross bore best practices with natural gas system operators, other utility operators, the sewer and plumbing industry and the contractor community at large. This program provides information to effect positive changes in attitudes, practices and operations, and educate internal and contracted personnel, and the public about cross bores. Also, when implemented, this program can reduce the risk and exposure to the threat of existing cross bores, as well as, move toward the prevention of future cross bores. Additionally, as further technologies and programs are developed, this program will result in improved safety and the continued use of trenchless technology to be allowed by changing attitudes and behaviors.


OTD Technologies Under Development or Available for Use

The OTD cross bore program has developed a suite of technologies many focusing on safe and efficient trenchless techniques. Below are 2-page summaries of a few of the technologies available for use or currently in development.

Free Outreach and Educational Materials

These outreach and educational materials are available to assist with the development of a utility's Cross Bore Program. Download any of the PDF files below and use to build awareness with your staff.

Three How-To videos:


Plumber - to inform plumbers how to investigate a clogged sewer


Training Field Crews – to be used with field personnel to avoid cross bores during new installations


Homeowner/Do It Yourselfer - to inform homeowners about the potential hazards of clearing a clogged sewer if the clog is outside the home/business