New Pipe Locating Technology to Help Prevent Unnecessary Excavations and Third-Party Damage

April 12, 2011

Des Plaines, IL

A new technology with the promise to provide accurate location data about buried pipe has been licensed to Sensit Technologies. This technology, developed by Gas Technology Institute (GTI), is expected to save the industry millions of dollars by helping to reduce the potential for damage to buried pipes and the resulting incidents that can create customer outages.

The handheld technology has been demonstrated to detect and locate small-diameter plastic pipes to depths of up to five feet and has been tested for the most common ground conditions, including concrete, tar, grass, and dirt. The buried pipe can be detected in most soil conditions.

Says Ron Snedic, President of Operations Technology Development (OTD), "We are very pleased with the selection of Sensit Technologies to bring this technology to market. Sensit has a strong history of introducing valuable new technologies and they’re focused on positively impacting utilities' bottom lines."

"This is an important milestone in a critical project that has been supported by OTD members since 2003. We greatly appreciate our members’ perseverance in developing this technology that addresses one of the top industry priorities."

Notes Scott Kleppe, President and COO, Sensit Technologies, "For over 30 years, we have been committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions to avoid hazardous gas leaks and helping gas company personnel work more effectively and efficiently. Precise detection and location of buried pipe and facilities from above ground—for preventing unnecessary excavations and third-party damage—will help the industry to reduce costs and boost productivity."

About Operations Technology Development (OTD)
OTD was established in 2003 as an Illinois not-for-profit company to facilitate voluntarily funded, collaborative research. OTD’s mission is to identify, select, fund, and oversee research projects resulting in innovative solutions and the improved safety, reliability, operational efficiency, and sustainability of gas systems.

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About Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
GTI is a leading research, development and training organization that has been addressing the nation’s energy and environmental challenges by developing technology-based solutions for consumers, industry, and government for more than 75 years.

About Sensit Technologies
Sensit Technologies (formerly J and N Enterprises, Inc.) is a global supplier of innovation, solutions and service for manufacturing gas detection products. Since 1980, Sensit Technologies has been an industry leader by quickly and easily locating the sources of gas leaks and providing accurate measurements of an array of toxic gases.