New Pavement Breaker Lift Assist Available: System to Make Pavement Breaking Less Physically Demanding

January 10, 2008

Des Plaines, IL

A new pavement breaker lift assist system will allow construction crews to maintain a high productivity level, help reduce the risk of injury, and help contain operational costs.

Now available from Integrated Tool Solutions (ITS) as the JA90-350 Jackhammer Lift Assist, the device assists utility workers in lifting the pavement breaker after the bit has broken through the surface of the street and needs to be repositioned for the next penetration.

Operations Technology Development (OTD), a not-for-profit company that supports a wide variety of gas-operations-related research and development activities for the benefit of the gas industry and its customers, sponsored commercialization efforts of the device designed and patented by ITS. A requirements assessment, along with market analysis, benefits analysis, and market research were performed to ensure that the device would address industry needs effectively. Gas Technology Institute (GTI) managed the project and coordinated field evaluations and demonstrations.

"Five field demonstrations were performed at utilities across the country over the past several months," explains Andy Hammerschmidt, who managed the project at GTI. "The tool has been well received by the industry. It reduces physical stress, is simple to operate, and increases worker productivity. It’s a very promising step forward in bringing ergonomically-friendly technology to an industry faced with an aging workforce."

New York State Electric & Gas Corporation (NYSEG), in conjunction with Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation, hosted an initial demonstration of the technology. “We participated in the field demonstration and received very positive feedback from our operators,” says Allen Peterson, R&D Coordinator, NYSEG and RG&E. The companies recently purchased three additional units and will continue to evaluate the technology and incorporate it into field operations.

Southern California Gas Company (SoCal) was the first company to purchase the new device. “Our crews are putting the lift assist to the test on our 90-lb. jackhammers at three locations, and the response has been good. In fact, we purchased three more to expand our evaluations throughout our company because the existing crews will not give them up,” notes Gilbert Ching, Technical Advisor of SoCal.

About Operations Technology Development (OTD)
OTD was established in 2003 as an Illinois not-for-profit company to facilitate voluntarily funded, collaborative research. OTD’s mission is to identify, select, fund, and oversee research projects resulting in innovative solutions and the improved safety, reliability, operational efficiency, and sustainability of gas systems.

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